Saturday, July 22, 2017

Some of My Painted Rocks for Local Fun

Painting on rocks is as old as... people and.. rocks. Yes, from ancient caves to rocks purchased at Home Depot, people can still be counted on to put an image on a stone. People can also be counted upon to partake in whatever might be the current seemingly pointless activity, or "fad."

So here in the valley, where originality mostly can't be found, it should come as no surprise that people have resorted to painting any rock they can find. Since I'm still a human, for now, I went ahead and had a go. Basically, like in many other parts of the country (probably ten years ago), people are painting and hiding rocks, then giving clues for others to try to find them first.

So here are some of my painted rocks. I'll say this: painting on a pitted, round, uneven surface is not always fun. There. I said it.
The source for this image was a panel from the Marvel Comics Adaptation of "The Empire Strikes Back."  And judging from about 70% of the artwork in that issue, THEIR source for their drawings were still shots from the film!
This image of Vader also came from the same "Empire" issue.  I like the yellow highlight on his helmet, and how it reacts with the vermillion background.
Now, this one is actually a free hand drawing.  His head looks squished in this image, but if you look at it from the right side of the stone, it looks correct.  One of the challenges with painting on a rounded surface.  Leonard Nimoy had rough skin, but no, it wasn't THIS rough!
This was the first rock I painted, of Moses parting the Red Sea.  No pre-drawing or planning, just painted directly on, with a sort of Bible story book style art.  I like the highlights on his hand and shadow on his cheek.
This Princess Leia image was acquired from a freeze frame image from "The Empire Strikes Back."  It took about 13 minutes from the time my wife announced that she'd hid this one that it was declared found.  Really though, it's sort of "meh" as far quality goes.
I couldn't forget Threepio of course.  This source image came from issue #50 of the original run of "Star Wars" by Marvel, an issue with particularly impressive artwork and inking.  My copy is totally trashed, but I still prize it.