Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Experimental Portrait of Julian Edelman... Well, Why Not?

So, after the Jabba the Hutt exercise, in which I utilized white shapes against a black background, I decided to take it to the next level, by introducing color.

I figured that if I chose a subject that was in active motion, and not just a giant slug splayed out on a dias in a palatial throne room in the middle of a Tatooine desert, then perhaps I could utilize color to express motion and energy.

So I took the colors of NFL wide receiver Julian Edelman's uniform and shook them all up, and took the approach that they were sort of shaking off of him as he made his cuts.  If the colors crossed each other, I would treat them as semi-opaque and allow them to blend.

What I most liked about the finished image is that even though there's not a lot of information there, I'm sure that most people who watch football would be able to tell who he is, even though there's a real morass of color mess going on around his face.  Also, I like how most of his shins/calves are not rendered, only barely indicated with a dash here and there.

This is getting fun, it's the absolute opposite of how I've been doing things for all of my life.  I find that it's more interesting to engage a viewer with an opportunity to use their own imagination and fill in the blanks, rather than to force feed them every little stitch and hair.

Who woulda thought?