Friday, September 9, 2016

Ink Portrait of Jabba the Hutt.... Well, why not?

So for some inexplicable reason a few days ago, I began to feel like something was missing from the exterior walls of my workshop.  I'm not sure why, but obviously among all of the posters and models and ephemera that goes with being a Star Wars/Star Trek geek, I had failed to have anything Jabba-related.

I must remedy this matter, I said to myself.  And so I watched Return of the Jedi again, a movie that my 3 year-old is very much into these days, and took some mental notes (as if I needed any), and began work on an 11 x 17 inch piece of bristol paper.

The image, as you can see, is mostly black shadows, as if there's an interrogation lamp in a vast otherwise dark room.  I have always preferred Jabba with one eye squinted, with a sort of look of incredulity.  Sort of a "I know you're lying, but... please continue"  look.

And so now, Jabba lives again!  Realized with black india ink.  He resides on the wall outside my shop, right above my tool rack, in a fittingly dingy environment.

There will be no Salacious Crumb.