Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Big Build Update

One side of the room... with that huge rack/cabinet thing squatting in the middle.
The opposite wall, with the new walling meeting the old dingy garage wall.... and what would a studio be without a standard definition TV?
Well, we are chugging along. It turns out that building a room is not as easy as those DIY channel shows make it seem.  I thought this was supposed to get done in a half an hour...

Really though, this experience has been an... experience.  I learned a lot of valuable information regarding building, information that I'll probably completely forget about the moment I finish this thing!  Anyways,  as the pics divulge, we are now in the "mud" stage, working on the finish of the walls.  And even though I've only erected/drywalled two walls, believe me, the other two original garage walls needed some mudding too!  Heck, there was a hole in the ceiling I had to patch, along with a crack in the ceiling that ran the entire length of the room.  It really takes an artist, a visionary if you will, to see the potential in all of this.  Right now, it looks like hoodlum hangout from a 1970s crime drama.

The temperatures have started to really kick up over the last few days, so thank God above that I got on the ball with framing this thing before that happened.  It looks like I'll have just enough hospitable weather to get me to the finish line with this thing.

Mark, if you're reading this, can you believe it?  It's finally truly almost real.  For years, at work, I pestered you with oddball questions, bouncing crazy ideas off of you regarding my "fantasy studio in the clouds" that seemed like just daydreaming.  And now here it is, really happening.  This whole experience has actually surprised my own self.  So often, I think about a project, sketch it, and then never execute it.

But this time, it's for real!

Next up:
1. Perfecting the wall finish
2. Etching/sealing the concrete floor
3. Priming and painting the room a nice boring white

More to come