Monday, April 27, 2015

Insulation in Place, Outer Drywall done!

Don't worry... it's the lens that's making the framework curve!

If you stand outside the room, your voice echoes.  The moment you step across the threshold now, it's like you're in a recording studio.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Big Project Begins...

Well, after about two years of daydreaming, plotting, mentally erasing and then re-plotting, forgetting about it and then getting REALLY serious about it, I have decided to finally take the big leap and go forth with something I should've done 10 years ago. As you know, I enjoy "stinky" and "messy" hobbies. I like to paint, build models, make things. And all of these tasks have waste involved during their execution. For 12 years, I've utilized one of the bedrooms in my home.

 Over the last 5 years, I've added two children to my family, and more and more it's become apparent that the bedroom that I've used all of these years as my office/workspace, aka "The Fortress of Solitude West Coast Part II," has its days numbered. I needed to figure out a way to have a workshop "on-site," and the garage was the only place available. I don't have $15,000 lying around to build an addon to my home, but I do have a garage. Unfortunately, I also live in central California, a place that has tame winters but HORRIFIC summers. The thought of setting up in the garage would guarantee that I'd never work on anything from June to September. Also, there's a serious dirty air issue out here, and everything in my garage inevitably gets coated in a thick layer of powderish dust. This would cancel out the option of displaying my models in the garage. Pretty soon, everything would be tan in color.

So then I hit on the idea of building an enclosed room inside my garage. So after much advice-seeking and internet education, I finally this last week commenced the construction of my new studio. There were many people around me who never believed that I'd ever do it. Well, all of you were wrong! The room will measure 9' by 16', very close to the current dimensions of my room (10' by '14'). I should be able to transplant the entire room into this new abode, dubbed "The Fortress of Solitude West Coast Part III." Total cost came in at around $400, and I'm saving a ton of dough by doing it myself. And believe me, I'm doing it myself. No help from anyone out there.

 It's been a bit slowed down lately due to family issues, and also after almost 5 years on my job working mornings I have now been forced to change my entire life to work overnight shift now, thanks to a dirty situation at my job involving some selfish and lousy co-workers. I feel annoyed with wasting a moment of my precious free time discussing that filth-hole of a job, but suffice to say that I despise working there and feel that being there is a personal failure for me. It is a monotonous, stressful, meaningless, "stupidifying", dirty, smelly, degrading, exhausting, insulting, pathetic job. I wish I could say that the people there make it better, but they don't. Most of them are lazy and only exert effort when trying to find a way to a.)avoid doing work and b.)leave me with the work. I'm surrounded by clowns who walk around thinking they're something big when in reality most of them would be either living at home with their parents or working in a video rental business (if they could find any that still existed)if they hadn't known somebody who had given them the "in" to this company. Most of them are arrogant, but stupid also, which is a tandem common in this world. The only thing I can say is that it pays most of my bills, but not all of them.

When I drive to work, I encounter an intersection right before the turn to go into my hell. In the distance, I see the junior college I attended, where I took painting and drawing classes. I always remember the feeling of optimism I had back then, that life was full of possibilities, and I wondered just what life had in store for me. Anything seemed like it could happen. Then I sigh, and turn to the right, to endure another day (now night) at that wretched dump. It's nearly impossible to not feel bitter. And I'm not generally allowed to vent this, as I always hear stories of how I never could've taken care of my family with my creativity, etc., that drown me out. Well, here at MY blog, I'm here to say whatever I want, and I'm telling you, it's a failure and a major disappointment in my life. Maybe somehow, before this lousy life is all over, I'll be able to "do right" by myself and leave some kind of mark of which I'll be proud. Anything is possible, or at least that's what I used to believe.

Anyways... here's a few pics of the work in progress. I'll be putting up drywall and insulation during the week if I'm able to be awake enough after work to do so. This room will be sealed off from the dust and will have a portable air conditioning unit to keep the room hospitable. It will hold the massive cabinet you see, plus my drafting table and small work table for my model building. I'll put some of my favorite posters up, too. This will be a place to draw, paint, build models, or just sometimes put on some music and stare at the wall, although thinking is something not encouraged these days.