Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Side Project: Disneyland -style Family Sign

So recently my family and I took a trip to Disneyland.  Each time we visit I like to stop by what was once the Disneyana shop, but now is located where the bank once was (by the Lincoln exhibit).

There's always really cool paintings in there, along with statues, posters, books.    There's always a thing or two that I'd love to buy... If I had the money!

This time around, I noticed a miniature classic Disneyland sign:
I liked the 1950s look, and thought it would look cool hanging at home as a centerpiece on a wall where we could congregate all of our Dusney photos from the years gone by.

On the way back to our hotel room, I passed the guy who has a booth right on harbor blvd, where he sells family name signs.  I then got the idea: why not do a mashup, and create a family sign for the wall... In the style of that Disneyland sign?

I took a trip to Lowes and Michaels after we returned home, buying thin pieces of basswood for a sign that would be 24 inches wide when done.  I then approximated the relative dimensions and cut the necessary number of letterboxes. I had to sit down and do some plotting in order to figure out how it would all layer together. 

I painted this with craft paint on gesso, and when done i coated it all with krylon crystal clear gloss.

Of course, the original park sign had flags, so I gave each member of the family a flag of their own.