Thursday, April 10, 2014

Model Madness: Here Comes the Bride...

Well, at long last, after a couple of months spent on and off on this kit, after the sight of its incomplete hull becoming a real mainstay on my drawing table... it is finished.

Well, it's over.

I've heard people say that works of art are never finished, only abandoned.  And while I wouldn't necessarily say that this build is a work of art, I will say that I have officially abandoned it!  I did plan on making a few rodents to be hiding in the grass at the front of the base,  but I just can't go any further folks.  I am truly spent on this thing!

Last night, I soldered the last of the wiring to make it permanent.  Then I took some steel wire and wrapped it around a thin wooden dowel, then extracted the dowel and came out with a coiled piece of wire, which I then used to hide the more sturdy piece that's running through it, so that I could have a power cable running from the switch/lever to the generator.  If I'd only used the coiled wire, then every time I would pick up the model and move it, the wire would start swinging around, and in the future I just knew that the coils would get uneven or snagged.

Fitting these figures together so that they would actually interact was a bit tricky.  A bit of advice if you plan to build this kit:  pick up both completed figures, get the Bride's hand between Frankenstein's, and THEN glue them BOTH TOGETHER onto the couch at the SAME TIME.  If you place Frank and then want to put the Bride in later... well, good luck with that one.

I had wanted to add hair to the Bride's plastic beehive, but had no luck with the different materials I tried to use.  But that was the only defeat in this kit: the Paperclay was an amazing new discovery, and this kit presented the most difficult wiring setup yet for me.

Next up will probably be Scotty, yay!

Anyways, with no further procrastination, let's take a look at some GRATUITOUS PHOTOS!!!
I like the rhythm between the brass voltmeter gauge and the "c" shape in the end of the sofa.

Here's a closeup of the final display for the tabletop.  I like how the power cable flows across the bare area of the wall.  Check out the fine wire, wrapping around the hidden support:  thanks for the great idea, Mark!

The completed grass, sans rodents.  It's called burnout, folks!

The red of the sofa reacts strongly off of the various greens embedded in the paintjob.  Frankenstein on the hot seat with his date.

Here's a last look at the plank illusion, created by connecting craft sticks edge-to-edge and puttying away the seams.  And though it makes no sense, there's the stone base beneath the wood floor...

I'm really happy with their skin hue, as well as the random oily spots on their faces.  They did a really great sculpt on him for this kit...

The generator in action....

The generator on, along with the candle.

You can barely tell, but there's some gold flicker on the bottom of her gown.

Left side, worm view.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Next Project: The Ultimate Redshirt

So as I wrap up my Bride kit, I've already begun to plan my next build: the AMT Scotty vinyl figure kit from the mid-'90s!  I picked him up on eBay, after having built Kirk, Spock, and McCoy years ago

.  I thought I'd be happy with the trio, but since Scotty was the only other one they produced, the Trekkie in me demanded that the circle be complete.

I'm toying with some possibilities regarding custom touches.  He does come with a tool for his right hand, but he needs something more.  More to come!