Saturday, December 7, 2013

OrnaMENTAL Times

This Enterprise started out as a cake topping from my son's birthday.  It's a bit old, and if I was really inclined to, I could open it up and replace the watch battery that powers the few lights it has.

In the olden days, at my last job, we sold Hallmark ornaments, and I was able to pick some of them up at a fraction of their MSRP.

Again, an older one, and if I replace the battery, the bat-signal will light up!

I can't love animation as much as I do and NOT have some of these.

Is is just me, or is Superman's body just a little bit too long? Oh well, as a kid back in the '70s, I would've LOVED having this ornament.
Just a little proof that I am definitely still alive, AND still a nerd! Hope the Holidays are treating you well.