Monday, July 22, 2013

Latest Project: George Reeves Superman!

In the old days of the "Fortress of Solitude: West Coast" blog, I posted my opinions regarding the portrayal of Superman through the years. Though Christopher Reeve was great in the first two feature films, I still think that George Reeves is my favorite Superman.

Many many years ago, I'd wanted to make a drawing of Reeves, in a contemplative pose-- more a drawing of George Reeves than one of Superman.  It's kind of hard to explain; I wanted him to be in the costume that made him an enduring star, and yet I wanted the viewer to focus on Reeves the human being.  I wanted him to appear deep in thought, sort of oblivious to how the public loved him as Superman, sort of "here I am as Superman forever, but I'm also still George Bessolo..."  He needed to look flashy and heroic, yet vulnerable and disappointed in spite of it all.

In keeping with my habits... About 10 years later, I'm doing this painting!

It's acrylic paint on a 16 x 20 canvas, and  I just finished plotting the subject and some of the values in raw sienna. I think the likeness and pose are exactly what I'd originally wanted back last decade. What a procrastinating bum I am!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Model Madness: M48 Progress...

Well, this kit has been a slo-mo build. It's also been a bit frustrating in that the kit itself is VERY easy to assemble, but yet I can't do one step because I have to do some special step first, and I can't do that special step because I have to solve this other problem.... Anyways, I've been making some advancements. After painting the parts an initial coat of camouflage, I've begun the custom steps necessary to get this kit where I want it to be, as I described in the starting post.

You can see the rather large holes that I had to blast out in order to make a path for the LEDs.  On the right side you can see how I've bent the leads on the LED in a right angle to the bulb itself.

Now we get crafty. I needed hoods for the headlights, so I primed and paint both ends of a drinking straw.

I then measured and cut the length of tube i would need to hood the LEDs.

Meanwhile, the turret assembly is done, and not as bright green as this pic would indicate.

So here's the headlights, hooded and with leads concealed in shrink tubing. The arches that go over the headlights have been gutted to make room for the custom lighting.

And here's the inside under, with lights in place!

And here's the headlights with arches in place, looking rather frog-like!

We have headlights! I used a much stronger resistor in order to dim them down a bit.

Finally, you can see the hole in the bottom hull through which the wiring is to be fed through the floor of the wood base.  I may next have to tackle the base and get that going.