Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Loyd Ferrell's "Tag Doodles"

Who's Loyd Ferrell? Well, basically, he's like my other brother. Our families were very close, and though he's older than me, we all grew up around each other and share many of the same interests-- many of them. Loyd used to have a blog, but like me, he shut it down long ago. We're always in touch, even though we now live many states apart, always keeping each other on top of what we're doing with our hobbies/obsessions!

Today, Loyd sent me a series of "tag doodles," small quickie cartoons he doodles on these tags that are lying around at his job which, like my own, is a often BORING factory kind! I'm posting these because, upon looking at them, I laughed out loud for the first time in a LONG TIME. These may seem simple, but as a guy who also draws cartoons every now and then, I can appreciate how good they are-- and they're slap-dash doodles, not even anything he slaved over. His cartoon work has a "kick" that mine doesn't; before you even finish reading the text, you're already laughing. He's always had this ability, and it's something that I've rarely ever been able to touch-- my stuff is often very "controlled."

I remember being a preteen, MANY YEARS AGO, and Loyd was visiting me and my brother, and all of the sudden I hear laughter coming from my brother's room. I carry my doofy pre-pubescent frame into the room, and there's Loyd with scissors and scrap cardboard, creating two cardboard-figured superheroes, Cardboard Man and his sidekick, Skippy. I remember the duct-tape cape, the drawn-on goggles, and the husky Skippy's spit curl, drawn down the dead center of his forehead. They were each made out of a single piece of brown cardboard, and Loyd took a marker and drew their costumes on. And I remember the hilarity that ensued, when he then began construction on the "Cardboardmobile." I wish so badly that we'd saved them. Then there was the afternoon playing with the church Play-Doh, and some Mego figures that met their doom, but that was from TOO long ago for me to remember it all! Enjoy these, as if you have a choice!